Hello, If you are wondering where I am, I am sitting at my desk listening to Pandora Radio (Hey, Black Veil Brides is playing! Yes! I love this song~!)at home because my car is broken and I have NO WAY OF GETTING TO SCHOOL. State math tests are tomorrow and I'm screwed. (Oh hey, Skillet is playing!)

So my day today is going to be:

Write fanfiction, write that Harry Potter fanfiction, eat, write the fanfiction that I started earlier and never finished; yes, the same one I said "The Great Prußen Screws This" to and rage quitted and wrote Harry Potter Fanfiction instead, Write that Adventure Time fanfic I never got through the first chapter cause I know what's going to happen but I'm to lazy to write it down, rant about that Austria chick and that Hungary guy, find more pictures so when we find another member for our Cosplay Group; I don't have to run around looking for a picture when someone joins, ignoring my science project because it's dead to me, DEAD.

And in between the cracks in my schedule, that I hopefully will try to stick to, be here~! I need a sammich. Or a churro, (WHY DON'T I LIVE NEAR TACO BELL??? D:) I can see if Spain can make some~! Because that would be awesome.

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