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    FMA RAGE!!!

    August 17, 2013 by Nariko Berlin -Chan

    Okay, so as you know, I finished the 2003 Anime adaption of Fullmetal Alchemist on Netflix roughly 3 days ago. (I was crying D': IT WAS SO SAD!!!) and I started watching the 2009 Anime adaption (also on Netflix) called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood after I finished FMA 3 days ago, but I only got 5 minutes done and I was watching it on my Kindle Fire. I was sad because it was in Japanese with English subtitles. So now I'm like, "Hey, I should watch FMA:B tonight on my computer." So I literally talk myself into watching it and I was approx. 17 minutes through, and then I hover my cursor over the little subtitle box and the window pops up. And then I realize: "HOLY FIRETRUCK I CAN WATCH IT IT IN THE ENGLISH VERSION" So, now I restarted the…

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  • Nariko Berlin -Chan

    Hey guys, Nariko here! And today I am celebrating a very special birthday today. It is Canada's Birthday!

    So Happy Birthday Mattie~

    Liebe, Prussia~

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  • Nariko Berlin -Chan

    Chat Rage!

    June 25, 2013 by Nariko Berlin -Chan

    So a couple of minutes ago I was talking to Blogronluver46 on Google Chat and this is part of our conversation: (Click on image to see chat)

    Let's elaborate:

    Me: That is obviously me

    Monika: That is Blogronluver46

    The pink arrow: She found my email signature on an email I sent to her and made her own parody, substituting my name to hers.

    The blue arrow: This is when I did in fact, rage quit and logged off

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  • Nariko Berlin -Chan

    Hey guys! So, anyways, you might have known that some of the Nyotalia characters have 'official names' but that's not true because Himaruya-san encourages the fans to call the Nyotalia nations by whichever names they chose to. If you have any ideas, put them in the comments.

    So these are the names I usually associate the Nyo's with:

    Italy: Feliciana

    Romano: Lovina

    England: Alice

    Canada: Madeline

    Belarus: Nikolai

    America: Amelia/Ashley(I usually use Ashley in fan-fics and stuff like that, if you want to know why, leave me a message)

    France: Françoise

    Japan: Sakura

    Hungary: Daniel

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  • Nariko Berlin -Chan



    You may now commence fangirling.


    OMG, that means I'll have to buy a wig, I probably don't have enough for the costume, and it's reeeally hard to find. (And I can get my flag from Amazon :D)

    I'm bringing my camera to document the awesomeness!!!

    (Now a note to the members of the NCG)

    So, I know declare that the Nyotalia Cosplay Group IS going or else I will go after you and sic Russia on you.

    Anyway, If you don't know much about Hetalia Day; it's a day where all Hetalia fans go to a local area that has been arranged with the company and hang out for the whole day. Full cosplay is not required. And this is a WORLDWIDE event.


    And here's the official poster…

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