Fairies of Horror Holly & Benjamin - Monster request

Fairies of Horror Holly & Benjamin - Monster request

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Ogron and bloom by wizplace-d53csw3

Go Blogronity!!!!!!

The Best Of BlogronEditEdit

This is our Award Ceremony to the best moments of Blogronity. We will be issuing the following awards

  1. Most "THE FEELS!" Moment
  2. Best OH SNAP! Moment
  3. The Best Blogron Story
  4. Best "Bly Must Die" Moment
  5. Best Blogron Picture
  6. Best Blogron Video
  7. The Best BFF

The Issuing Of The AwardsEditEdit

  • The Most "THE FEELS!" Moment goes to: Bloom saving Ogron's life!
  • The Best OH SNAP! Moment goes to: The Wizards' Betrayal
  • The Best Blogron Story goes to: Aphrodite's Curse
  • The Best "Bly Must Die" Moment: Wow! A 2 year winner: When Ogron had an issue with the Winx bringing the Specialists to Cybila's Cave in The Day Of Justice!
  • Best Blogron Picture Goes to: Ogron and Bloom by wizplace!
  • Best Blogron Video Goes to:

    [Fairies of Horror] Holly & Benjamin - Monster [request]

  • The last award is: The Best BFF and Founder is: NarikioBerlin-Chan! EVERY YEAR WINNER FOREVER!!! Love ya gill! #Nohomo