A fan art of Rogron

Team Rogron is a fan made couple consisting of Ogron and Roxy. This couple is ranked second in fan popularity, the first being Team Bly. Most Rogrons think that Roxy and Ogron should be a couple because Ogron is usually "nice" to Roxy, just to get to the White Circle. Rogron would be an impossible couple because Roxy despises Ogron for all he's done to her in order to steal all earth fairies powers?


  1. Team Bly
  2. Team Blogron
  3. Team Mogron
  4. Team Stogron
  5. Team Togron
  6. Team Flogron
  7. Team Aogron
Ogron & Roxy - The Path to Decay02:28

Ogron & Roxy - The Path to Decay

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