Team Bly is a canon couple in the Italian hit TV show "Winx Club" This paring consists of Bloom and Sky, who are currently dating. Most Winx Club fans go for this paring, but there are some unique fans who go for other parings or dislike this paring all together. Non-Team Bly fans usually think of this paring as bland, dull, and somewhat perdictable or a stereotypical 'perfect couple' which is true. King Sky of Eraklyon and Princess Bloom of Domino have been together for a long, long time but most think like us and think it's time for a change.Don't you???

Bloom and Sky So Close-004:06

Bloom and Sky So Close-0


  1. Team Blogron
  2. RomanSky
  3. Team Nabloom
  4. Team Rogron

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