Welcome to the Team Blogron Wiki !!!!! :D

We have a serious passion about Team Blogron so we kicked it up a notch. We're letting Blogron go internet wide! Team Blogron is a fan made paring consisting of Bloom

Team Blogron Wiki logo made by Nariko

and Ogron.

~Nariko_Berlin _-Chan and Blogronluver46

About Team Blogron

Team Blogron is a fan made couple based on Bloom the "main" proganist of Winx and the princess of Domino also the Fairy of the Dragon Flame and Ogron the "main" antoginist of seasons 4-5 on the popular Italian show Winx Club.

For more info on Team Blogron go here.


If you have any questions or concerns etc. talk to Nariko_Berlin_-Chan and / or Blogronluver46

If don't know much about Blogron, go here.
  • Thanks you guys ~Nariko
  • So much joy <3 ~Nariko

What's New With Us!:

12/28/2012: We made it to Google! (1st pic)--------------->

5/12/2013: We definitely made it to Google! (2nd Pic)--->

Latest activity

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Ogron 'proposes' to Bloom with the Black Circle (in ring form)

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