You can count on...03:15

You can count on.... ogron

Blogron awesomeness

Ogron left Bloom right

Okay so, this page is on Ogron and the team's he's affiliated with (Of course the best one is Blogron XD)

Who is Ogron?Edit

Ogron is the leader of The Wizards of the Black Circle (Ogron,Anagan,Gantlos,Duman) and is the "Main Antagonist" of the end of season 3 and season 4. He is commonly very sadistic and a jerk-hole but shows occasional compassion and kindness hints how a lot of fanon teams with Ogron in them were formed.

Teams Ogron is inEdit

  1. Blogron (Bloom + Ogron)
  2. Rogron (Roxy + Ogron)
  3. Flogron (Flora + Ogron)
  4. Togron (Tecna + Ogron)
  5. Mogron (Musa + Ogron)
  6. Mogrona (Morgana + Ogron)
  7. Aigron (Aisha + Ogron)
  8. Nebgron ( Nebula + Ogron)
  9. Stogron (Stella + Ogron)
  10. Orcy (Icy + Ogron)

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